Kids and Yoga

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Under the guidance of a certified instructor, yoga classes for kids focus on building upon each child's strengths while helping them ease stress and bolster self-esteem, cooperation, self-trust, and reverence for one's inner world.

These classes are for kids of all ages and typically use music, activities, and props to create a fun, interactive environment.


The benefits children experience from yoga include:  

  • Enhanced awareness of, and better control of, their body

  • Greater ease connecting to other people and their surroundings

  • Confidence and improved self-esteem/ self-efficacy

  • Enhanced ability to focus and self-regulate behavior and emotion

  • Improved physical skills such as balance, coordination, agility, sense of direction

  • Ability to experience relaxation and learn how to access this state of being at any time

Children's Yoga Teacher Qualifications

Before choosing a class for your child, ask questions about the teacher's experience and certification. Children's yoga teachers should have: 

  • Completed 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher training

  • Educational or practical experience with children

If your child has special needs, that is additional qualification/experience you'll need to explore. Ideally, the instructor has obtained CEUs or certification in teaching yoga for children.

Observe a class and see the range of abilities being taught; trust your intuition about whether or not a class or a teacher is a good fit for your child.

A children's yoga teacher must be able to truly be present for a child just as they are, in the moment, and demonstrate acceptance that every child's body does yoga differently. This empowers even the most 'yoga clumsy' child to gradually achieve a sense of fulfillment and self-efficacy that can carry from the yoga mat to other areas of the child's life.


We are fortunate to have yoga for kids taught locally here in Evansville by well-trained teachers! 

These classes are offered by the Evansville Mindfulness Co-op at 7 E Main Street, across the inner courtyard from my office.