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My love of healing and the natural world goes way back.  I still remember the first animal I "rescued". I was six and witnessed our cat tossing a baby bunny into the air.  Horrified, I brought the bunny inside our house in a shoe box and carefully nursed its' puncture wounds.  That was the beginning of an ever-growing list of wild animals, rodents, cats, dogs, horses and human beings I have helped on their healing journey.

I found my way to Naturopathic Medicine when in undergrad at the University of Iowa, studying psychology and the mind-body connection.  My best friend was ill and needing a physician to think out-of-the-box of conventional medicine, as the countless MDs and specialists he saw gave him no answers and their drugs made him more ill.  I researched options for him and found Naturopathic Medicine. I remember reading about it and felt a spark ignite in my heart.  I knew I had found my passion.  I went on to finish my pre-med requirements in Washington State, traveled to India and Nepal for a year studying traditional medical systems, then started naturopathic medical school at NCNM (now NUNM) in 1999. 

As an N.D., I am trained as a general practice physician who specializes in natural medicine. I have a diverse practice as the age of my patients range from newborn to elder. While I work with all people and all conditions, I have a particular interest in women’s health, hormonal imbalances, pediatrics, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain.

In my practice, I use modern diagnostic techniques blended with functional testing and ancient Chinese medical diagnostics to investigate the root cause of your illness.  I work tirelessly to find out why you are sick rather than just managing your symptoms.  At every visit, I create an individualized treatment plan that addresses the whole person and empowers you in your health care to create long-lasting wellness.  

As there is no licensure for NDs in Wisconsin, I do not practice to the fullest extent of my training.  I do not act as a primary care provider, prescribe pharmaceuticals, or refer for medical imaging.  For this reason, I encourage patients to have a primary care provider on their team.  It's best if this provider is collaborative with me and respectful of the care I provide.  I believe in working cooperatively with other health care providers and doctors to provide the best in complementary and alternative medicine, and ultimately, to best serve the interests of my patients.

I have been actively involved in creating licensure for physician-level NDs in Wisconsin for many years.  I have served several terms on the board of the Wisconsin Naturopathic Doctors Association as President, Vice President, Secretary and currently on the Legislative Team.  To learn more about the WNDA, licensable NDs in Wisconsin, and our legislative efforts, visit

In my free time, I enjoy cooking delicious food, tending our many native flower gardens, walking with our family dog, riding my horse and playing with our son and family.  I am a native of Madison, educated in the Pacific Northwest and am now grateful to be building my community in the small historic town of Evansville.

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I have been educated to the highest level possible in natural medicine. To learn more about my education, see my credentials above. I have offered both Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Medicine to my patients for over twelve years in Southern Wisconsin.