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An evidence-based, primary care provider who takes the time to understand the whole person, not just individual symptoms. Preventative, palliative, and corrective care at its best, Dr. Becker is the doctor I trust most. She even coordinates with more conventional medical practitioners, like disease specialists, to optimize patient care. Wish I had found her sooner!
I appreciate the insight from Dr. Allison who has a different (and often more detailed) perspective, alternative approaches, and more time with me than an MD has, while still being evidence-based. This is a different model of medicine that really works.

Having a highly trained ND on your health care team is an essential part of you becoming your most vital self.

New Offering!

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Thermography Now Offered in Evansville

Detect inflammation in breasts and other tissues

without radiation.

 Thursday, OCtober 12, at the clinic in Evansville.

Call 608-882-1388 to schedule or schedule online

We offer seasonal group cleanses and individual cleanses. The individual cleanses can be done any time and you do not need to be a patient to participate. 

        or  Call 608-882-1388   

Experience for Yourself How Fabulous Food Can Make You Feel!!

Past participants routinely report losing weight, having more energy, thinking more clearly, having less pain, and better sleep. 

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