Breast Thermography Screenings
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Breast Thermography Screenings


Rather than waiting for a problem to be detected to take action, proactively participate in improving your breast health now!

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019, is our next Breast Thermography screening. 

Click below to schedule a time with the Thermographer, Jenny Steger, to ask her questions or to see pricing- 

Take the Mystery Out of Your Breast Health


Each woman has her own unique thermal pattern and changes to this pattern alert you and your doctor to changes in breast health.

When discovered early, preventative strategies and lifestyle changes can be implemented to improve health & reduce the risk & spread of disease.

How Breast Thermography Works

Utilizing infrared images of the whole chest area at various angles, Breast Thermography accurately maps an individual's thermal pattern and can detect such conditions as chronic inflammation, lymphatic congestion, active infection, cancer cell growth, and estrogen dominance.

While other methods of breast health tools carry risk of radiation exposure and can lack effectiveness for those with small or dense breast tissue, Breast Thermography is safe and effective for women of all ages and breast types. It has even been approved by the FDA, AMA, and AHA. 

Let’s spread the word to daughters, sisters, mothers and friends!

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