Hormonal Imbalances

The hormonal system is a complicated, interconnected web. When addressing a hormonal imbalance, I look not only at the hormone-secreting organ in question (ovaries, testes, thyroid, adrenals, etc), but also at the other hormonal systems that may be, and often are, affected.

Hormones are the body’s messengers for processes throughout the body and are intimately involved in almost every process. For example, a woman in menopause with fatigue, weight gain, and increasing cholesterol might not realize not only are her ovaries the culprit for her issues, but often also the thyroid, blood sugar hormones (namely insulin) and the adrenals.

Men often suffer from a male version of menopause called “andropause” that is often not recognized in conventional medicine. If we are not addressing these, we are missing the whole picture.

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