You and Dr. Allison will co-create a safer vaccination schedule tailored to your child. Recommendations are based in an understanding of the immune system, the disease and your child’s unique needs.

Vaccine Consultation: Safety is our Main Concern

Many well-meaning, educated parents are questioning the rigors of the standard CDC vaccination schedule. Parents are rightly concerned, as there is potential risk of harm from vaccination. Unfortunately,  parents are rarely able to discuss these questions and concerns with their child’s health care provider. During a Vaccine Consultation, Dr. Allison opens a forum to address parents' concerns  and offers an in-depth evaluation of the child’s individual risk factors. Dr. Allison then creates a plan that considers the child’s developing neurological and immunological systems to optimize response to vaccination and decrease potential harm. Parents also learn how to recognize illness and address it appropriately. Parents also lean how to strengthen their child’s immune system to decrease the risk of contracting a disease in the first place.

Vaccine Consultations are available to both new and current patients of Dr Allison. See appointment page for more details →