For high-quality natural medicines, herbs, and skin care products, you can purchase these from my online medicinary.  

Ordering is easy, fast, and shipping is inexpensive. There is also an automatic re-order option for longer term need of products.

The patient code you need in order to create an account in the medicinary is: quality4vitality




Click on the button below and enter the code "quality4vitality" in the blue box.




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I have provided safe, effective natural medical care for women, men and children since 2006.  I depend on the natural medicines I recommend to be produced in pharmaceutical-grade facility, with high purity, minimal  added ingredients, and to be free of common allergens like gluten, soy and dairy.  This is a critical piece for me to ensure my patients can have the best clinical outcomes.  For these reasons, I take product quality very seriously.  I created this dispensary to make sure my patients have the best natural medicines available to them.
— Dr. Allison