Naturopathic Medicine is...

A commitment to taking care, not simply taking cures.

An entire lifestyle; what you eat, drink, breathe; how you move, speak, are.

A deep respect for the body's ability to heal itself when we take away what is detrimental to the body and give the body what it needs to heal optimally using nature's medicine.

Teaching people how to prevent disease.

Teaching people how to be well.

Deeply rooted in the centuries-old, Western, European natural medicine tradition of naturopathy.

Tools of Naturopahic Medicine



Naturopathic Medicine is not...


Stress Management

Physical Medicine; includes exercise, massage and hydrotherapy

Herbal Medicine


Proper sleep

Exposure to nature

Conventional and Functional lab testing: salivary, urinary, stool and blood



Taking herbs and supplements in place of pharmaceutical drugs.

A New-Age medicine.