Fibromyalgia Relief

Most Fibromyalgia sufferers do not get the care they need and the attention they deserve from their medical providers.  Dr. Allison understands fibromyalgia is so much more than just a pain syndrome. In addition to relieving pain, she takes the time to uncover and address underlying conditions that can make FM much worse.  These include nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, poor detoxification and toxic excess.  Dr. Allison evaluates each patient with FM thoroughly and teaches patients what they can do for themselves to live optimally.  Dr. Allison has several pain-relieving techniques available to patients, including acupuncture, myofascial release therapy, and natural herbal and nutritional pain relievers.


Typical Fibromyalgia Package


New Patient Intake ($220)

2 Return visits: 1x every 2 weeks ($220)

8 Acupuncture: 1x per week for 8 weeks ($800)

Bio Impedence Analysis- evaluates for toxicity and fat:muscle ratio

Lab tests:

Salivary adrenal hormone testing: cortisol x4, DHEA

Salivary S=sex hormone evaluation: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone

Micronutrient testing (blood test)

Thyroid evaluation (blood test)